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Heart of Steel by Nightsparklies
Heart of Steel
I sometimes wish I had simple, straight-forward and uplifting stories for most of my artwork, but the exact opposite is usually true. Silence is a powerful word and it means so much to me. When I was a young teenager, I went through a period of drawing portraits without mouths. The portraits would be emotional and vibrant, especially the eyes and all the tribal symbolism. Interestingly enough, I think that period was both the start of my emotional portraits as I still do them, as well as the tribal symbolism. But back then they could not obviously speak. They were silenced.
As I make my art, I am not always aware of what I am creating, and often my art is like a whisper of a reflection of me, somehow a part of me that goes on the paper sees me as a whole, how I feel then and what is touching me. Obviously, when I was drawing and painting the silenced portraits, I was merely expressing my own silence; for many reasons, I could not speak. There were promises and manipulations and many, many lies. I was a tool; I had a name and I had a home and then I had a purpose. And somewhere inside, I knew that I was bleeding, all my dreams were leaking.

Drawn with blue pen.
Poison Heart by Nightsparklies
Poison Heart
Sometimes things hit you so hard you can't breathe, just for a moment, like a panic attack. Sometimes things are too powerful, too strong, too fierce for words, and all you have left is the emotion. And then sometimes I manage to find my way from that emotion to the paper, and there I can let it go. And breathe again.

This poem was originally made for another drawing, but the themes are so similar, I think it works fine here as well:

poison, poison mirror
eat my heart out, serve it on a silver plate
the black tarnish goes well with the sauce
my blood as bleak as the night
but thick with salted delight
never forget the taste of my tears
as I cry your cup full
Will you remember the words I´ve gone by
on my road of ice and snow, midnight spilled
over into the electric light of the streets
and the crunch beneath my feet
and the sharp intake of cold breath
poison, poison mirror
this is a song I´ve sung all my life
eat my heart out, serve it on a silver plate
the black tarnish goes well with the sauce
my blood as bleak as the night
but thick with salted delight
there never was anyone else
whose hand I could´ve held
in that land of grey evergreens and shut homes
all the roads covered by the white death
and all windows lit by a dim, warm glow
never, ever forget the taste of my tears
as I cry your cup full
The Last Candle by Nightsparklies
The Last Candle
Going through my older artwork, trying to figure out what´s been uploaded here and what´s not, and what I do want to show the world. It´s really just a trick question for myself, as I suffer from the not so strange disorder of extreme self-criticism. Sometimes that has a funny side-effect, including a specific painting from 2002 that I still love a lot. But usually it amounts to nothing more than working hard and elaborately at a new piece and then hating it after anywhere between 2 weeks to 6 months. I try to stay positive, though, and I often comment on my own art calling it beautiful, emotional and full of depth. With that, I am nowhere near trying to be egocentric or somehow convinced of my amazingness, because as most artists, I am not. The point I am trying to make is that it seems all too common to put oneself down and focus on the negative, and often people will point out that such is the only way to challenge oneself and grow, but I disagree. Negativity has never excelled anything for me, and it is but those small moments of hope and light that fuel my chaos machine, burning away at the days and nights, keeping my dreams alive.

Pastel and pen.
Black Halo by Nightsparklies
Black Halo
Black pen. This was a very personal drawing, I instantly fell in love with the idea and just drew on a feeling, which is usually a good sign. Once I had the portrait pretty much done, I realized how much I miss my childhood gaming and especially one of my all-time favourite games, The Legend of Zelda. I absolutely love working with pen, no matter how underrated and under-appreciated it may be. If I just got a lousy cent for every time I heard the sentence *it should have colour* I would be filthy rich by now. It´s art, it doesn´t _have_ to have anything except what the artist wanted it to have. End. :)
Death and the Maiden by Nightsparklies
Death and the Maiden
Blue pen.

Finally finished *Death and the Maiden*. Done for the june theme of 
Enchanted Visions: Wonder. I´ve been thinking about the myth and history behind the idea of death personified meeting a young woman, taken by her beauty and falling in love with her. As a concept, death and the maiden was a motif in Renaissance art, and was often depicted erotically. Though I have to admit that the paintings I saw were erotic only in the sense that they portrayed nudity and very morbid in the way they depicted death stealing the maiden away. To be honest, my true inspiration and moment the idea came to me was when I first watched the music video for True Love by Eivør (link below).
Ever since I saw the video and listened to the lyrics, I wondered whether it´d be less about death possessing a mortal´s love by his/her sheer power as an entity, given that death must be unimaginably powerful and strange, but moreso, the entire romance might depend on whether that mortal could make death fall in love with them. What kind of person could sway an immortal entity into loving them, and to add to that, this isn´t a mortal/immortal romance as in gods and mortals. This is about death, the very opposite of life, which we all need. And the video illustrates precisely that problem; everything death touches ages and dies. So how could death ever love and be with a loved one? A mystery wrapped in a riddle hidden in an enigma tucked away as a secret...…
Hello all you crazy cookies out there! It´s a new year and I´ve been sleeping under a rock for some time. Not really, though it seems that way. As always, things have been shifting and moving around for me, just faster this time. After having invasive surgery and getting back up, for the first time in a decade and a half, everything is responding to what I am doing. I am no longer just a sloppy piece of cheese that drags itself along the ground, and for the love of everything wonderful, I hope I can keep it up.

I´m going to be cleaning up in here a bit and setting up new stuff. There will be a new folder too, for all the crafty things I do; bracelets, earrings, necklaces, figurines, painted plates. And there will be lots more noms. Noms everywhere! And cute little monsters! O___O

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I believe in dragons, love tea, sunshine in the morning and spend most of my days chasing the cookie crumbs that got away from me. My world is a strange little place filled with impossible creatures and beautifully sad, expressive and otherwise odd characters who both resemble humans and animal alike, and at the same time are completely alien. Once I was a little child who was always told that you can´t live a good life doing art, but I lived in fantasy and sci-fi books, in music and imagining things to be different. Looking for fairies and alike beneath the trees and running through forests, holding onto the hand of my father. Now I am a child no more, but the dream has become real.

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